[How to pickle pickled beans]_How to make_How to make

[How to pickle pickled beans]_How to make_How to make

Pickling pickles with cowpea beans has a very good effect, and it also has the effect of increasing the appetite of the human body. For some people with anorexia, it is a good choice, and the pickled cowpea beans can give a lot ofFoods are paired together, and regular consumption can also improve the body’s immune system, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. So how to pickle pickled carob pickles?

First, how to pickle black beans?

First you need a pickle jar or glassware that can be sealed, and wash it to ensure that it is oil-free and dry; remove the old tendons from fresh cowpea corners, wash and dry the surface moisture; prepare a large clean pot, and dry the cowpeasPut the horns in, then add salt (if you can buy salt for pickling, it’s better), follow 500g of black beans, 250g of salt, then rub the black beans with black beans until the green beans are green.Add the emerald green beans with salt to the kimchi jar, and then pour in cold water or mineral water, it is better not to use the beans; it may be about a week, but it is not particularly sour,Because the first amount of salt is usually enough, you can continue to marinate; at the same time, you can add pepper, cucumber, radish, etc. to marinate together, the taste will be better.

Second, take care of the fresh cowpeas carefully, pay attention to the choice of the head and tail are intact to prevent them from rotten during the marinating process.

Find a large bowl, put in fresh water, add salt, and wait for it to melt. You can taste the salty water. Soak the cowpeas in salt water. The water should flow over the cowpeas.

When the cowpeas are marinated and softened, put a few of them into a closed bottle, and then pour the brine from the bowl into the bottle. Tighten and seal. The glass bottle is the most healthy, but ISo I took a clean oil barrel, which is also a waste utilization.

After the pickling has turned yellow, wait another two days, and you can basically hang it for consumption. Draw a small hand and cut it into small pieces. Then prepare minced meat and pepper chips.

High fire, add oil, fry minced meat to maturity, then add minced pepper, and stir-fry with pickled peas, or add some minced garlic.

The crispy and sour minced pork is ready.

If you want to replace the closed glass bottle with an oil bottle, be sure to wash the oil in the barrel cleanly, because if you pickle oil during the process of pickling, it will easily rot.

Cowpea is a vegetable rich in summer.

The tender beans are thick and thick, and they are crispy and tender. They can also be cooked or marinated. They can often be seen in many snack bars or restaurants. Among them, the pickled beans and cold beans canWith a variety of dishes, can also be used to make seasonings, add a lot of color to the dish,