Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

Flick your fingers to release young delicate muscles

We all want to have a young and delicate skin. The enamel-like smoothness is what every woman desires.

However, due to the tremendous pressure of life and work, we take care of our skin no longer lost, and make them worse.

The use of many skin care products is not very effective, in fact, the most important point is actually massage.

  When we use skin care products every day, they are often simply applied to the skin. In fact, you give up the most important and effective point, that is, massage. In fact, the temperature of the palm is used for massage.Let our skin care products have a good absorption, while also making our skin more and more delicate and smooth.

  step 1.

Pour an appropriate amount of toner into the palm of your hand, and hold the temperature of the palm to achieve a good effect.

  High silk moisturizing lotion reference price: RMB 138 yuan / 190ml step2.

Use the example steam meter to steam the face, this can not only accelerate the absorption of skin care products, but also make the skin more hydrated.

  The anion steam meter insists on doing skin care once or twice a week, which can alleviate skin dullness, dryness, relaxation, fine lines and other phenomena. The anion rejuvenator can eliminate aging keratinocytes of the skin, facilitate skin excretion and improve skinDehydration, promote local blood circulation, adjust the pH of the skin, ion mist also has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for oily, neutral, dry, mixed, sensitive skin.

  third step.

Start massaging the most important parts of the facial skin, first around the eyes.

  Lancome Lancome Firming Eye Essence Reference Price: 630 yuan / 15ml step4.

This type of skin care is usually the most easily overlooked alternative to skin care. In fact, skin care is more important, because more and more women’s age secrets are replaced by chains.

  L’Oréal Paris Paris L’Oreal Rejuvenating Face and Neck Face Cream Price: RMB 220 yuan step5.

Apply the mask, apply the mask to the shell, remove it according to the requirements of the product, and wash it with water.

  Kose Sekkisei muscle essence essence mask reference price: 469 yuan step6.

Perform a comprehensive massage on the face. Step 1 Massage the areas where the skin is wrinkled. This not only relieves the wrinkles caused by the expression every day, but also reduces our skin, so that they will not be tired and nervous at night.

  LUNASOL Sun and Moon Crystal Rejuvenating Nourishing Massage Milk Reference Price: RMB 350 / 40g Massage Step 2. Thumbs of both hands are used as the base point, pass through the temple, then the index finger is bent, and massaged from the brow to the brow.

  In massage step 3, insert the middle finger into the acupoint in front of the ear column, and then use the third ring finger and the little finger to slide from top to bottom in a semicircular manner.

  Massage step 4, hold your hands in half fists, and then slide manually to promote initialization of blood circulation.

  Finally, in fact, the most important step is a good self-psychological hint, using both hands and massaging the entire face of the nipple, so that the temperature of the hand is transmitted to the arm.

Psychology implies that the skin becomes smoother and the skin becomes younger.

This complete set of massage techniques is done!