80% of professionals have heart disease _1

80% of professionals have “heart disease”

80% of working people have heart disease According to the statistics of the intervention center, from January to June this year, a total of 1,600 psychological consultations were received, and most of them were working people.
Among them, the two groups of teachers and civil servants have the most prominent psychological problems, accounting for 40% of the people seeking help.
This means that professionals in the workplace are at high risk for outbreaks of mental illness, and their psychological problems in somatization, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, anxiety, and paranoia are significantly higher than those in the general population.
  The psychological problems that arise in the workplace involve a wide range of issues, including interpersonal relationships among colleagues, interpersonal relationships with supervisors, and work stress.
In particular, civil servants have performed outstandingly on issues such as being wary of dealing with people and straining interpersonal relationships.
All kinds of pressures have caused about 80% of workplace evasion.
  Teachers’ psychological pressure is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is strict performance assessment, and the other is that many teachers feel that they have paid too much and paid too little.
  In the incubation period, the self-regulation 期 The reporter interviewed five female professionals with a working life of 4-10 years, including company white-collar workers, teachers and store sales staff.
They all said that due to the dual pressures of life and work, depression and self-complaint often occur suddenly. In such situations, they usually divert their attention by complaining to friends, shopping frantically, and eating delicious food.Adjustment.
  In this regard, psychologists suggest that it is good if you can adjust it properly, but if this feeling occurs for a long time, frequently, and even affects work and life, it is best to find a professional psychologist for psychological counseling.
Through professional diagnosis, you can find out the real cause of psychological problems. Only when you find the cause can you open the knot.
  In addition, there is an incubation period before the occurrence of mental illness. This period is the best period for self-regulation.
Learn how to self-adjust your emotions, actively participate in recreational and sports activities, cultivate a variety of hobbies, and enrich your life.
Expand social exchanges, meet mentors and friends, stabilize emotions, and reduce psychological conflicts.