Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Online marriage: testing the morals of marriage?

Because her husband got married and had children on the Internet, and felt hurt, Ms. Lin in Harbin took her husband to court with “bigamy” and demanded mental damage.

The court held that according to the Constitution, the principle of registration of marriage is adopted, so there is no “online marriage” of this statutory element, and there is no suspect of bigamy.

Accordingly, although the court agreed with Ms. Lin’s divorce, she rejected her claim for “fault compensation”.

  In this era of the pervasiveness of the Internet, the way people express their emotions is undergoing subversive changes: from general online chat to “online dating”, to the so-called “online” of “family” and even “parenting” through online “registration””Marriage” is truly amazing.

To be sure, all this is unrealistic virtual, just like Ms. Lin ‘s husband discerned, “just bored on the Internet”, but we also see that at least in this matter, Ms. Lin ‘s personal feeling is “causing greatTherefore, even the “crime of bigamy” cannot be established, but after all, the result of divorce occurs. Therefore, although the “marriage” of “online marriage” is virtual and has no real legal basis, the harm caused by it is entirely possible.Is very realistic.

  According to reports, in Guangzhou alone, the conflict between married couples caused by online romance has accounted for 30% of the total marriage disputes, and this proportion is still increasing; according to statistics, Chinese people participating in online marriage have reached100,000 people.

In addition, a survey showed that of 6,263 respondents, 32% of the “one-night stands” were met online, far higher than other types of “one-night stands”.

  These figures show how, as the network tools continue to evolve into a part of real life, the boundaries between virtual and reality, games, and real realities are becoming increasingly blurred.Without damaging our lives, it becomes an unavoidable social problem that tests people’s moral responsibilities in marriage.

  The author does not object to the statement against online marriage as a virtual entertainment game in the Internet, nor does it deny its possible value in enriching the emotional life of people, but also believes that its potential lethality to marriage and family is moreIt is worth vigilant, even though “virtual marriage” will not be held legally responsible, but it does not mean that it can become a cover for evading moral and ethical responsibilities.

We know that ethical feelings are the basis of all good marriages. The so-called “marriage without love is immoral.”

Therefore, in this sense, it is very difficult for us to invest in the kind of emotions that accompany huge emotions. “Marriage online and having children” -style “Internet marriage” is just an unrealistic game.From the perspective of love, “spiritual affair” is actually the most essential affair, which is not only virtual but also the most realistic.

  Sociologist Frome once said, “Love is not an easily felt emotion. People must make every effort to promote their perfect personality . otherwise, the pursuit of love is doomed to fail, without the true courage, faithWith self-discipline, it is impossible to obtain the satisfaction of love.

“So, through the mirror of online marriage, looking at the lack of responsibility in love and marriage is a question that all those who have already or attempted to try online marriage, including Ms. Lin’s husband, must first face it.