Four facial masks for whitening people


Four facial masks for whitening people

Beauty teacher Niu Er upgrades DIY light spot mask. Teacher Niu Er who likes DIY mask has a new solution for whitening mask!

Who said that the mask should cover the entire face?

Can hit the key!

He used the light spot mask in this way: first apply the whitening essence milk to the spots on both ends, and the thickness is preferably to cover the spots.

Then apply a piece of cotton pad moisturized with toner to the essence.

After 5-10 minutes a day, the spots on the end face really disappeared after being shortened.

Beautiful person Wu Peici Hanfang whitening Wu Peici’s whitening secret is Hanfang maintenance!

She firmly believes that whitening should be carried out from the inside out. Some say that Fang Yurongsan is the secret recipe for Empress Dowager Cixi, which can improve dark spots, rough skin and other problems, and can also whiten and remove acne.

Her whitening recipe is to take white morning glory, white peony, white asarum, gansong, white peony, white lotus, white poria, white peony, atractylodes, white stiff silkworm, nepeta, solitary, hoe, five sandalwoodMoney, white aconite, white lentils one or two, windproof five money, one or two white cloves, two halves of pearls, ground into fines, plus one or two green mung bean powder, Chinese herbal medicines sold Yurong powder and egg white.

Mix the above materials to the appropriate viscosity, apply on the face (avoiding around the eyes) for 10 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

Taiwanese artist Chen Songling first pushed pearl powder. Chen Songling found her homemade whitening mask in her “Songsong Beauty Magic” book, which is to use pearl powder to whiten: according to different skin types, there are different formulation methods.

For people with oily skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with milk, honey or egg yolk, apply it on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with saline.

For dry skin, blend two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder with essence or vitamin E oil, apply on the face for 15-20 minutes, and wash.

For people with normal skin, use two teaspoons of high-quality pearl powder to mix with water, apply on the face for 20-30 minutes, and wash.

Just do it twice a week.

“Beautiful Beauty” host Li Jing yogurt has the best whitening cost-effectiveness. Li Jing revealed in “Beautiful Beauty” that her whitening method is to use cotton pads dipped in yogurt to apply her face.

Because yogurt itself contains a large amount of water, it can use the effect of water to metabolize the skin. It still contains enzymes and can exfoliate.

The cotton sheet itself is relatively small in area and can be applied to areas where whitening is important, without causing waste.

  Normal skin is used twice a week. If it is sensitive skin, the yeast of the yogurt itself will also irritate sensitive skin, so once a week is sufficient.