Life needs the right amount to be healthy

Life needs the right amount to be healthy

“Eat everything, but in moderation” is the most important thing.

Even if you exercise, you don’t need to choose aerobic exercise for everyone. Different types of people should choose the exercise that is suitable for them. It is also a kind of exercise for the frail people, even rubbing their hands in fresh air.

  Pan Chaoxi, a professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that eating is related to both ethnicity and race.

Orientals are generally more adaptable to soy products, while European and American races are more adaptable to animal and milk proteins.

What to eat must conform to the laws of nature.

Now the greenhouse technology has been able to meet the off-season vegetable and fruit cultivation, but the greenhouse solves the problem of temperature, but it cannot solve the problem of light. If there is insufficient light and no hormones, the fruit cannot be retained on the plant and matured.

In some fruits, the content of fructose has been increased several times due to the addition of fertilizers, but the levels of fruit acids, vitamins and inorganic salts have decreased.

  Pan Chaoxi said that even drinking soup before meals is not suitable for everyone.

People who exercise or work hard consume energy quickly. After filling the abdomen with soup, they will soon have a fever and suffering. People with atrophic gastritis have less secretion of gastric acid. Drinking soup to dilute the stomach acid is more likely to cause stomach distensionDigestion and worsening of the condition.

For those who are overweight, if you want to control the staple food by drinking soup before meals, it should be fat-free, low-salt, no-transformation, low-protein, thin soup with vitamins, not fatty and high-proteinChicken soup, fish soup, broth and polysaccharide soup, because the protein in this type of soup has been split, which is more conducive to nutrient absorption, but will not lose weight and will increase fat.