After 00, the tide is cool and refined internationally. After 90 years, the spirit of hair loss is poor?


After 00, the tide is cool and refined internationally. After 90 years, the spirit of hair loss is poor?

The youngest 00 started college life, the brain hole after 00, the strange thoughts have all been seen, but after 00, the mouth is called the uncle and aunt after 90, is it really serious?

Recently, the Glory Pollen Club teamed up to go to Xi’an University. After visiting 90, after 00, I thought that the biggest difference between them was there. There was a 99-year-old respondent who was called aunt after 00 at the age of 18.To explode!

Although the mouth is a bit owed, but after the 00 some of the distinctive “extraordinary functions” even after 90 were convinced.

There is a post-90 riser who said that the appearance of the appearance on the campus is more refined, basically after 00, and after 90, many are not trimmed, this is probably because after 90, I feel that I am the hope of the whole village, soIn addition to hard work, I have no time to take care of my own image. After 00, I think that I am more open and think that I am the center of the world and I want to live for myself.

As the saying goes, how big is the stage in the heart, and the characteristics of this bold and self-fulfilling self after 00 are indeed very admirable and admirable, just like the glory 8X Max never set limits for himself.

The 12-inch pearl screen accounts for more than 90%, breaking the screen limit of traditional mobile phones, dual-speaker dual SmartPA, Dolby panoramic sound brings shock and hearing, and the shocking movie experience comes!

Glory 8X Max’s breakthrough lies in the price, the thousand yuan big screen is not to talk about it, it is surprising that it is the world’s first Rhine eye-certified mobile phone, playing for a long time is not afraid of eye tired.

No less than the new species after 00, the current lively and lively, but every moment likes to record, glory 8X Max has powerful shooting function, AI photography can achieve 22 kinds of shooting modes up to more than 500 scenes automatically recognized,Meet the increasing demands of modern people for mobile photography.

But to say the greatest similarity between 00 and glory 8X, the biggest difference after the 90s is the sense of technology. After 00, it was born in the world where smartphones are popular. The sense of science and technology is supernatural.

This #灏戝勾灏戝勾 can be glorified with your new generation of generations, in addition to the natural attributes given by the times, but also have the same dreams as glory, and at the same time not arrogant, if you continue to go to a larger stage after 90, then 00After that, it is the stage of constantly creating the outer diameter. Both groups are good teenagers who are eager to see the world and the world.