Old cold legs, air conditioning diseases may wish to try winter disease and summer treatment _1

Old cold legs, air conditioning diseases may wish to try “winter disease and summer treatment”

Old cold legs, air-conditioning diseases may try “the winter disease and summer treatment” July 13 will enter this year’s “initial”, the traditional Chinese medicine traditional “winter disease and summer treatment” therapy has also begun.
It is understood that with the increase of urban people’s awareness of health care, the number of patients who have booked for “winter disease and summer treatment” since the “summer solstice” this year is significantly more than in previous years.
“Winter disease and summer treatment” not only has plasters. It is understood that “winter disease and summer treatment” is an important feature of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, diseases that occur in winter and are treated in summer.
The lunar calendar “San Fu Tian” is the hottest time of the year. During this time, the human body has the strongest yang, full of qi and blood, smooth meridian qi, and sensitive points, using Chinese medicine fumigation, oral administration, acupuncture, wax therapy, scraping and other specialThe treatment method can stimulate yang qi, improve immunity, and achieve the purpose of “treating for the disease”.
“冬病夏治”这些病才适合 中医专家表示,中医认为人有9种体质,平和质、气虚质、阳虚质、阴虚质等,并非所有体质的人都适合“冬病夏治”Therapy, a disease that is easy to occur due to cold in winter, can be called “winter disease”.
Orthopedic diseases that are usually suitable are: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, postpartum rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, air conditioning disease, lumbar spondylosis, periarthritis, old cold legs, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, osteogenesis,Tenosynovitis, etc., and some diseases such as fever and skin allergies are not suitable for “winter disease and summer treatment” therapy.
According to reports, different from previous years, this year’s “San Futian” has 10 days more than last year, with 40 days of ambush period, and August 22 is the last day of the last ambush.