[Fig Leaf for White Spots]_White Spot_Figs_The Effect of Fig Leaves

[Fig Leaf for White Spots]_White Spot_Figs_The Effect of Fig Leaves

Many people are affected by the white spot problem and have heard of fig leaves for white spot treatment, but we must pay attention to the correct treatment method, and for white spot treatment, we should pay attention to the principle of early detection and early treatment, and we must adhere to long-term treatment.

1. Preparation of fig leaf treatment method for white spots: one gram of fresh fig leaf, 100 grams of fig leaf, and several cotton balls.

Method: eat three ripe fresh figs every day, and fry fresh fig leaves at the same time, about 30 ml, pour into a container and wipe the white rot with a cotton ball prepared, and be sure to sun 10 to 20minute.

Experts remind: For the majority of patients with vitiligo, during the process of vitiligo treatment, some basic vitiligo care measures need to be mastered in order to obtain better results.

2. Improve the early treatment of vitiligo: prevention, young age, short course of disease, small area is easy to treat; older age, long course of disease, large area of people shorten the treatment time, difficult to treat.

Therefore, early treatment is expected to be an important complication of eliminating vitiligo.

3, Vitiligo patients insist on long-term treatment: Vitiligo patients are a difficult skin disease, and most patients can be effective after treating for more than one month. Therefore, it is generally two months as a course of treatment.Efficacy evaluation is performed, and vitiligo products cannot be replaced at will, which delays the disease.

4. Eliminate the psychological pressure of patients with vitiligo: Vitiligo is not contagious; those with short onset or short duration and small area can generally be eliminated, so the patient should have a correct understanding.