[How do Sichuan Carrot Roast Meat?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How do Sichuan Carrot Roast Meat?
】 _How to do_How to do

In Sichuan, there are many beautiful scenery, and of course, there are also very delicious food in Sichuan.

Especially Sichuan’s hot pot and hot and spicy sauce are famous all over the country.

It is precisely because there are so many delicious foods in Sichuan, so Sichuan cuisine has become China’s most distinctive alternative, and it is mainly spicy, and friends who ca n’t eat spicy food should not try it easily.

So, how to make Sichuan carrot roast meat?

Ingredients pork belly, carrots, broth, salt, soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, spices.

Production method 1: Wash the carrot and cut it with a hob for backup; 2. Cut the pork belly into small pieces, spare the pork belly and lean pork separately; 3, turn the radish into water;Stir fry over low heat to scoop out excess oil to make the pork belly fat and not greasy, and taste better; 5. When the pork belly is fried yellow, add lean pork and stir fry, stir fry until the color turns white; 6, add the star anise after melting the sugar, stir-fry the shallots, ginger and garlic; 7, stir-fry the sautéed radish and fungus and stir-fry;Add the right amount of boiling water and flip the lid on a low heat for 5 minutes. 10, turn on the high heat to collect the juice, sprinkle the cilantro and stir-fry twice.

Instructions for consumption Carrots are rich in vitamin a, vitamin a has eyesight, assists in the treatment of various eye diseases, enhances immunity, removes free radicals, promotes growth and development, and protects the stomach and respiratory tract mucosa.

Detoxification beauty “Ben Cao Jing Shu” records: “Lai Fei Gen Li bowel movements,” “facial poison”.

Modern science shows that radish is rich in cellulose, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other substances that can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and excretion of toxins in the body, which have a good therapeutic effect on constipation and acne.

Antiviral modern medicine proves that radish has a better antiviral effect, and there is an interferon gene in normal human cells, which can produce interferon under the stimulation of an inducer.

Interferon can resist virus cells, and raw radish is a good interferon inducer. Animal experiments have fully proved that the extract of radish has an anti-virus infection effect.

At the same time, radish contains fiber lignin, which can improve the function of macrophages to eat foreign bodies and necrotic cells, thereby strengthening the human body’s ability to resist viruses.

Studies have confirmed that eating raw carrots has the strongest ability to inhibit the virus, followed by green radishes and white radishes.

The cooked radish has lost its effect of inducing interferon after being cooked at high temperature, so it is best to eat raw with skin after washing. Juicing is a wise way to eat.

If you regularly eat a little radish after tea, you will definitely benefit.

Studies have shown that chewing 100 grams of radish daily can produce a lot of interferons, which can interfere with diseases in our body and resist the occurrence of diseases.