7 kinds of yellow foods easily regain good looks, more reliable than skin care products


7 kinds of yellow foods easily regain good looks, more reliable than skin care products

For women, “Yellow Face” must be the most lethal word!

If you don’t want to be a “yellow face”, you should eat these 7 kinds of yellow foods to save money and be effective!

Chrysanthemum – swelling and soothe the nerves due to work and life pressure, many friends often insomnia, eye bags can not be eliminated, the skin is getting rougher, these problems can be solved by drinking chrysanthemum tea, cure the symptoms and cure the problem.

Chrysanthemum cool, Pinggan eyesight, has a good effect on eliminating eye edema.

Chrysanthemum contains rich essential oils and chrysanthemum pigments, which can effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, soften the epidermal cells and improve skin problems. It is more affordable than skin care products.

Chrysanthemum calms and calms nerves, soothes nerves, improves sleep quality, rests well, and these problems are solved.

Corn-coarse grain health care Modern people’s diet is excessively refined, supplemented with fiber to eat too little, toxins are accumulated in the body, face color is not good and long spots, how can it not be old?

Corn is the health care king in coarse grains. Other supplements are rich in fiber, and it can diuretic, easily discharge body waste, and blemish skin.

Female friends often eat corn, but also vitamin E and “longevity factor” glutathione, effectively delaying aging, the more you eat the younger.

Bananas – a good mood, “laughing, ten years less” has a great impact on the body.

People who love to laugh look younger and more energetic. When you are in a bad mood, you may want to eat some “happy fruits” – bananas.

Bananas contain components such as pantothenic acid, which can suppress depression, relieve psychological stress, relieve tension, and make people feel better.

Everyone knows that bananas can also be laxative, and they can kill two birds with one stone. How can such a beautiful thing make people unhappy?

Soybeans – the most important thing for women to add protein is protein. Protein and protein will lose their elasticity. How much skin care is used is a waste!

Soybean has more protein content than milk, and it is easier to absorb. Female friends must eat more.

At the same time, eating soy beans can effectively reduce the body’s fecal content, tandem isoflavones can also activate estrogen in the body, breasts and hips, shaping a perfect curve.

Pumpkin – Jianwei Digestive Skin quality is also related to digestive function, digestive function is weak, skin is easy to lose luster.

If you still love fried foods, it is easier to become a “yellow face”.

Pumpkin is a master of stomach and digestion, can promote bile secretion, strengthen gastrointestinal motility, and the pectin contained can also protect the gastric mucosa and reduce the stimulation of the stomach by rough food.

Pumpkin is also a blood-recognized product approved by Chinese medicine. Most of the iron, cobalt and zinc elements are good raw materials for blood.

Eating pumpkins will never become a “yellow face”, but you can also eat good colors.

Sweet potato – spleen and qi spleen deficiency, the woman’s aging is accelerated, the complexion is sallow, and the wrinkles will gradually increase.

So women don’t want to be old, it is very important to spleen!

Sweet potato has the effect of supplementing deficiency, benefiting Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach. It only has the accumulation of rice, and it can effectively reduce fat while replenishing the spleen and replenishing qi.

Potatoes – whitening skin to keep the skin white is the desire of every beauty woman, potatoes can help you achieve, internal and external application, all-round whitening!

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, which is 20 times that of apples. It has a good effect on skin care and whitening and wrinkle resistance.

Potato chips can quickly eliminate eye bags, dark circles, masks with potato juice can also effectively fade the wrinkles, relieve sunburn, tanning.