Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Niu Er tip: preventive measures should be taken early

Meiling is a friend I have known for more than 20 years. Except for being fatter these years, my face has not changed much. However, I noticed that her neck seems to be more and more droopy. It is easy to let her take care when taking pictures.The drooping crime is connected to the chin, looks like a turkey’s neck, and looks particularly old.

Although modern medical cosmetic surgery is developed, the face can be easily operated by young people over 10 years old, but they can only be improved by medical cosmetic surgery, the effect is really limited!

Don’t hurry up for maintenance sooner?

  False 1 My preset lines now look tight and smooth and should not require maintenance!

  This concept is of course wrong, causing the skin to look like facial care. Do not wait until it is full of wrinkles.

As far as the formation of texture structure is concerned, both the pits and the hills are more complex than the length texture. With the horizontal texture stripes, it is easy to form “wrinkles”, and the skin has less skin protein content than the face, and the thickness is only the facial skin.2/3, coupled with proper responsibility for supporting the weight and the mechanism of the human body’s rotation, frequent torsional actions such as torsion, will accelerate the destruction of elastic fibers, and it is easy to fatigue.

In addition, external environmental influences, ultraviolet rays, changes in temperature and humidity, and even improper daily routines can cause fine lines. For example, if you like to talk on the phone with a microphone, you often work with your head down . These improper stimuli will cause neck wrinkles, which is more necessaryCare as diligently as facial skin.

  If you want to avoid rapid deterioration, you should start from weekday maintenance. Do not wash the skin with too hot water. At the same time, try not to maintain a single posture for too long. Remember to always correct by turning left and right and up and down to relieve excessive pressure on the cervical spine.You can use a hot compress before bed to promote the initial blood circulation.

  1 L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Shaper Cream 220 yuan / 50ml to enhance the firming effect on the target and contour lines, and can help restore the slenderness of the complications of excessive sagging.

  False 2 Neck products should be sales gimmicks that manufacturers have come up with. Neck patterns that have already appeared cannot be improved at all!

  It is necessary to apply skin care products instead of the instructions that the manufacturer only came out in order to make money. It is really helpful to diligently maintain the lines and lines.

  The choice of the beauty neck products first replenishes and locks in moisture, such as hyaluronic acid, seaweed, collagen and other moisturizing ingredients, which can help dry and spotted skin to improve. If deep wrinkles can appear, try to absorb wrinkle-reducing neck cream.Such as pentapeptide, hexapeptide, vitamin A, etc., help collagen proliferation, so that there is a chance to eliminate neck lines.

If you want to get better results from cervical spine products, it is recommended to keep massage at the same time: Step 1 Take an appropriate amount of neck cream and rub it on your hands, starting from the alternating upper and lower jaws, and gently pushing evenly from bottom to top.

  Step2 Raise the head slightly 45 degrees, and use the palm of your hand to massage from the clavicle from bottom to top, about ten times.

  Step3 is especially for deeper lines, using one hand to stretch the neck line, and taking an appropriate amount of neck cream with the other hand to align and massage the lines at the lines in a spiral manner to improve the effect of the neck line.

  In addition, if over-exposed to the sun, it is easy to increase and deepen the “annual rings” like a thousand-year-old tree, which will also cause pigmentation and dullness.

When you apply sunscreen on your face, remember to take out twice the amount and reset it in order to achieve effective resistance to light aging and avoid deepening of replacement lines.

  2 Clarins Renewing Firming Neck Cream 580 yuan / 50ml contains ginseng, olive, walnut and other multiple plant formulas to tighten the skin and improve fine lines.

  3 Sisley neck cream 1080 yuan / 50ml is very moisturizing, mainly to help maintain the moisturizing effect, the skin becomes noticeably finer after use.

  Wrong 3 Because you need a special skin care product, you ca n’t use a face care product instead!

  Of course, face care products can be used to supplement the skin, but the skin is slightly thin and easy to dry, so you must choose products carefully. Generally speaking, good quality day cream and night cream can be used, especially at night.Lifting, anti-wrinkle, firming serum or night cream.

Some facial anti-wrinkle products are not suitable for use on the skin, such as high concentrations of fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, because they cause the skin to be thin and easy to pull, these ingredients are likely to cause excessive skin irritation and cause allergic dryness problems.

In addition, the exfoliating procedures that are generally performed on facials are also applicable to the above-mentioned skins. When exfoliating, the force should be small and the residence time should be short. Avoid exfoliating cream with large particles, so as not to damage the delicate replacement.

  4 Shiseido Pan-Fashion Non-Sensitive Neck Cream 420 yuan / 50ml uses a compact formula that can form a highly conformable elastic film and give skin a lifting effect.

  5 DHC Q10 Firming Neck Cream 138 yuan / 25g Light and non-sticky touch, it can instantly penetrate immediately, fully moisturizing and firming the skin.