First National Outstanding Comedy Showcase season plays will be staged in Beijing

  Beijing March 22 (Reporter Ying Ni) "hi poly Beijing – First National Outstanding Comedy Showcase season repertoire" will be held from April to August boarded the Beijing Academy of stage comedy。   At the press conference on the 22nd, the organizers, the activities are divided into "classic comedy adaptation", "original comedy Xian Yi", "popular comedy show" three sections: "adaptation of the classic comedy" brought together after years of baptism, for a long time the market-proven classic masterpiece, including Hunan Flower Drum Opera heritage protection Center should select the Flower Drum Opera modern drama "playing gong", the Israeli national treasure playwright Hannuo He Levine's classic play "Jacoby and Ray warhead," the Chinese version, Shanghai dramatic Arts Center new interpretation of Shakespeare's classic play "Taming of the Shrew", the famous performing artists Fengxian Zhen starring "former no-knock" and the Broadway classic comedy "happy dinner"。   "Popular comedy show" In recent years, the sector is to invite the audience to get fully accredited comedy masterpiece, including the "Balcony" "child care" "Stage", "Spring Night Battle"; starring Fang Xu, according to Mr. Lao Famous drama adaptation of "two horse "; directed by Meng Jinghui classic comedy" dogs life opinions "。