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According to the report, Tencent Mobile Security Lab recently released the first half of this year, the domestic spread of spam messages, the number was reported last year exceeded the total amount。
Which, like advertising spam messages to ultra-high proportion in the first place, ranked in the following categories were illegal propaganda and fraud class spam messages。
According to statistics, the first half of accepting user actively report spam harassing messages reach one hundred million, has been greatly over one hundred million of the total number of users reported last year。
Although the Ministry of Industry and repeated demands, but the Sichuan branch of China Mobile not only facilitates sending spam messages, or even send text messages for the business plan countermeasures to cope with regulation。
CCTV reporter has learned that more than two-thirds of spam messages are actually sent the three major telecom operators themselves, and some carriers will give rebate SMS bulk business, in order to encourage these companies do similar business。
Behind the SMS spam is actually the biggest promoter telecom operators, no wonder all these years SMS itself gradually declined under the impact of the mobile Internet, and spam messages to buck the trend growth。