World Economic Forum Africa Summit hot African opportunities

  Kigali, May 13 Xinhua News Agency Reuters (reporter Yang Mengxi) The three-day 26th session of the World Economic Forum Africa Summit concluded on the 13th, under the theme "Africa's resources by connecting the digital transition", experts discussed the digital transition , infrastructure investment and other issues。   Experts believe that despite the current development in Africa there are still some obstacles, such as lack of technical personnel, lack of funds, currency devaluation, but these do not undermine the continent's long-term attractiveness to investors。
  Summit noted that both let investors have an understanding of the risk of the African continent, but also to help investors understand the market can provide resources in Africa, as well as the ability of the African people have and the need for innovation and development。   South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordan believes that certain African countries should focus on how to mobilize their own resources, and how to implement the project can demonstrate the strength of the African people, so that investors feel reliable and realized that this continent You can get a good return on investment。   Mark Tal Diop, World Bank Vice President for Africa region said that the present era of low-priced goods to investment in agriculture is "an excellent opportunity"。 By the AU, "New Partnership for Africa's Development," World Economic Forum and co-leader of "planting the African Initiative" at the summit announced so far have come from the private sector of $ 2.3 billion in capital investment this initiative, the 10 million households benefit, and created 8.80000 jobs。   Summit believes that digital connectivity in Africa, although currently still faced with poor infrastructure, lack of electricity and other difficulties, but the prospects are very impressive and huge market。   Finance and Economic Planning Minister of Rwanda Claver Jiatai Te stressed that regional connectivity is the key to improving economic growth。
He cited within the East African Community region to ensure that labor, technology, capital, flows of tourists, as well as flow, etc. from Mombasa, Kenya to the landlocked countries of goods related initiatives that increase the investment attractiveness of the region, stimulate business activity and improve efficiency。 He said that these initiatives are the leaders of the East African Community member states to actively promote, which is reflected in the right policy guidance and support for regional connectivity is beneficial to the development direction。
  The World Economic Forum Africa Summit, held from 11 to 13, there are more than officials, experts, entrepreneurs and other 1500 participants from over 70 countries。
At the closing ceremony, South Africa was identified as the host country in mid-2017 the World Economic Forum Africa Summit。