Let chicken bark like a dog? The Malaysian government due to incorrect advertisement apologize to the Chinese community

    [World Wide Web roundup chickens can bark like a dog?Malaysian Trade and Consumer Affairs did。 According to Hong Kong East network reported on the 16th, in line with the Chinese community over the Lunar New Year, Malaysia Trade and Consumer Affairs on Thursday (15th) in the local newspaper published a full-page ad New Year to the readers。 However, the pattern seen zodiac dog belongs year, but painted a rooster, and cried Wang!Prosperous!。 Advertising immediately attracted controversy, the Government of Malaysia on Friday (16 May) issued a statement to apologize to the Chinese community。   Reported that the controversial print ads published in Malaysia, "Sin Chew Daily", "See Hua Daily News" and "Borneo Post," three newspapers。 In addition to the picture of a rooster will bark like a dog, but also wrote: good luck to meet the Hundred Days of the Dog, my sincere congratulations to all walks of life a happy New Year。
  Subsequently, the Malaysian Trade and Consumer Affairs responded that the ad is a technical error, and did not explain in detail, while apologize to the Chinese community, and congratulated the people a Happy New Year again。