Ocean expedition "Harbor Live" will begin probing equipment on the sea floor 20 hours

Data for: "Xiang Yang Hong 01" No.。 Reporter Ruan Yulin photo of this undersea exploration equipment called "submarine hydrothermal synthesis anomaly detection camera body dragging" by the expedition team members referred to as the submarine camera body drag。
It looks like a tube welded into the metal cage is flat, which is mounted with a variety of detection means。 Expedition ship through a long armored cable dragging the device in two or three Kilometers Deep seabed "run", detect the presence of abnormal hydrothermal。
  "Underwater camera body's main drag detection equipment is a camera and a submarine undersea camera。
"Chief scientist of China 49 ocean voyage third leg Deng Xianming, due to the dark seabed, there are two lights designed specifically for cameras and camcorders camera lighting on the seabed dragging body。
  Altimeter and pressure gauge on the trailer body can sense the distance from the seabed and surface equipment are。
Expedition team on board to control the height of the bottom accommodating the cable data from the real-time video and return devices to ensure the imaging subsea tow body from the seabed in the working distance 3-5 m, to achieve the best imaging results。
In addition, the sensor will also add a variety of subsea tow body imaging, to detect the abnormality of seawater。
  Dengxian Ming explained that they understand the situation to the seabed through photographs, video, and then to assist in detecting signs of hydrothermal activity by other sensors。
  It is understood that the role of undersea camera dragging body is divided into basic hydrothermal anomaly, a more sophisticated exploration, sampling pave and improve the efficiency of the latter。
  The first scan line length of the third segment Chinese ocean voyage 49 submarine tow imaging member design is about 40 kilometers, the device is expected to detect the seabed 20 hours。 Whole leg, the submarine camera body dragged plans to complete a total length of about 180 km of prospecting, exploration equipment is one of the segment's "workhorse"。