Close: Sino-US trade war warming concerns US stocks ended lower Wednesday | trade war

  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO, 15 am, US stocks fell on Wednesday, the Dow fell more than 300 points。 Raw materials and industrial sectors leading the decline。   EST at 16:00 on March 14th (Beijing at 04:00 on March 15), Dow fell point, or 1%, to 24 points; P 500 points down, or percent, 2 points ; Nasdaq down points, or percent, 7, points。   According to media reports, the US president prepares to impose $ 60 billion in tariffs on imports of Chinese goods。
The printing generally believe that if China take retaliatory tariff measures, then, (BA) are most likely to become operational goals。
Affected by this news, Boeing shares ended sharply lower on Wednesday。   Wednesday morning, the US announced inflation and consumer activity data show that the US economy is still growing, and there is no risk of overheating temporarily。
Also while investors still pay close attention to the recent US White House senior staff changes and their impact on trade policies that may arise。   How the major stock indexes show?  US stocks opened higher on Wednesday, followed by the main stock index, fell。
Intraday Dow was down more than 300 points, fell to Sunday 24 low point。
  US stocks fell on Tuesday。 Trump morning the same day US President announced the lifting of the Secretary of State Rex – Tillerson (RexTillerson) positions, and market it as an opportunity to lock in recent gains。
  Tuesday industrial average closed down points, or%, to close at the point 25; P 500 index closed down points, or percent, 2 points; Nasdaq closed down points, or percent, 7, points。   What is the market-driven forces?  Economic data released Wednesday morning showed that US retail sales fell in February percent, down for the third consecutive month。
Excluding autos and gasoline sales after the February retail sales growth%。
Average previously accepted by economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected the figure will grow%。   Tuesday's consumer price index (CPI) inflation show moderate gains, analysts said the retail sales data released today will be the Fed meeting next week before a big test on US economy。   Another data show that the United States in February wholesale-level inflation data – the producer price index (PPI) grew%, higher than the average market expectations%。 Excludes food, energy and trade factors% growth in core PPI。 As of February within 12 months, an increase of US PPI%, core PPI Growth%。
  Retail sales and wholesale inventories data to appease the market could rise on inflation fears。 If a substantial increase in inflation, then the Fed may implement a more aggressive monetary policy, which is what many stock market investors are most worried about the problem。   After the opening bell, the Commerce Department reported that US business inventories rose in January%。 December inventories increased from the original estimate of the repair%%。   In addition, the White House after a recent major personnel changes occur, traders pay close attention to the situation while still in the White House changes。 Trump announced Tuesday the US president will lift Tillerson's secretary of state, and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Mike – Punta Pio (MikePompeo) as its successor。
In addition, senior White House officials have begun to assess the possibility of hiring CNBC commentator LawrenceKudlow as Trump's chief economic adviser。   More recently, a theme that Trump government protectionism and tariffs on US stock markets are most concerned about。 For Trump is the latest government personnel changes will play a supporting role or is opposed to this policy, investors will wait and see。
  How to market participants say?  WunderlichSecurities ArtHogan chief market strategist, said: "Overall retail sales disappointing, but the core data excluding autos and gasoline price factors in line with expectations。 In addition, the producer price index (PPI) slightly overheated, but if food and energy factors were deducted core PPI data is also quite satisfactory。 Ultimately, these data do not show the US economic slowdown, it will not cause market panic on inflation。
Even from the worst point of view, they can only be said to be benign, but I think the market will have a positive interpretation of them。 "Hogan said, the United States of political instability is still one of the factors most concerned about the market。
"The market has been in fear of Trump government may make policy mistakes, and trade protectionism。
And when these panic prevailed, uncertainties White House and make it worse。 The new bureaucracy will be more inclined to trade protectionism?US economic and earnings growth are now healthy, but if we make a mistake or trade policy, it will cause earnings growth to slow, or even lead to recession, which ended this bull feast?"Hogan asked.。   Brokerage Baird, chief investment strategist BruceBittles said: "Of course, support forces US stock market is the economic situation, as well as double-digit earnings growth this year。
I think, there is resistance from a technical point of view the stock market, the rate of increase in US stocks and more narrow。 This means that US stocks before continuing to rise, it is also possible to test low point in February of this year reached again。
"JasperLawler London Capital Group research director, said:" so to speak, due to the non-farm payrolls data on Friday showed US core inflation and wage growth remained at a stable%, the market believes the Federal Reserve to implement more aggressive monetary policy has been greatly reduced。 "He said:" However, if today's retail sales data significantly exceeded expectations, then some nervousness will return to the market。
In this case, we expect Treasury yields will increase, pushing the dollar, and US stocks under pressure。
"Stocks in focus SignetJewelers (SIG) stock price lower, this Zales, Kay and Jared chains such as the parent company announced a restructuring plan the next three years。   Broadcom (AVGO) shares rose slightly, the company announced that it had abandoned the hostile takeover (QCOM) offer。
Earlier this week, US President Trump prevented the transaction between the two, said it was in the national security considerations。
  CenturyAluminum (CENX) shares rose after JP price target raised from $ 18 to $ 29。
  United Continental Holdings, Inc. (UAL) fell。 After a United Airlines crew forced to arrange a pet dog caused the death of news came to light in the luggage rack, United Continental Holdings, Inc. under heavy attack。   How other market performance?  Asian markets ended lower Wednesday。   European stock markets, the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (MarioDraghi) said that if the underlying inflation rate Europe maintain a low ebb, the ECB will continue to adhere to an important bond purchase program。
  New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for April delivery fell $ or percent, to close at $ / oz。 On Tuesday, the contract rose $, or%, the biggest one-day rise in dollars and percentage gain since March 6。
  The FTSE 300 index of pan-European blue-chip fell initially percent, to points; Europe fell STOXX600%; Germany DAX30 index closed up%; the French CAC40 index fell%; the UK FTSE 100 index closed up%。   New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures rose 25 cents, or%, to close at $ / barrel。   London, May Brent crude futures rose 25 cents, or%, to close at $ / barrel。
  US Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Wednesday reported that as of March 9, the week crude oil inventories increased 500 million barrels, an increase of the average analyst estimate of S & P Global Platts survey twice。
Tuesday night, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported that US crude inventories increased by nearly 120 million barrels。   But EIA data also showed US gasoline inventories fell 6.3 million barrels last week, distillate stocks fell 4.4 million barrels。 Analysts on average expected to accept the S & P Global Platts survey were: gasoline inventories fell 500,000 barrels, distillate stocks fell 1.6 million barrels。
(Zhang Jun)。