ke her son to accompany a while.

  Then he watched his son al广州桑拿网one so, walk around, or even want to find a partner have no idea, he does not even like his own life when, like life, fascinated by the variety of extreme sports, what bungee jumping, Gordon peak, and everything to do, like burning their own general madness.
  State of the soul, as a punishment, he finally could no longer continue to self-deception, he realized that he abandoned this bastard son, is not a person.
  That soul had not even looked up, only to look at: “Please help me, go back earlier, I’ve figured out, breath, face, what counts?Even a fly and mother hate me, call me does not matter, I would like to stay with them, I really regret.”
  The world never regret, remorse more difficult back.
  ?Children of primary school located west of the city, with an area a lot of money too, a few outstanding alumni, the other schools in return, to the point of investment, they also have what Heda Hai playground, such a thing Lee Seoul school buildings.
  Pei Yifei sat quietly in situ, just keep looking at the books, like did not hear any noise around, the boys of this age, there is little no playmates, no friends, at school, often means of being isol北京体验网ated, obviously after school hours, and everyone thirty-two groups, but no one, and he is willing to say the last one.
  This factThere is a reason.
  Pei Yifei at the front of the elementary school, and then moved with her grandmother to rent it, and a lot of people renting them, began to “squeeze” every inch of space in the room, normally with something as long as the home, they will be collated , compressing the tie at home, after they accumulate a certain amount, then packaged for sale to sell scrap, and always support their family.
  It also makes that room full of people is always a delicate flavor, which strengths Pei Yifei, who will have similar “junk” taste, although he and his grandmother came to pay attention to hygiene, laundry, if it can be close to, or VIP