olished, became district, surreptitiously found the old man used to know, to realize that his mother had died, and his son is actually taught, started his own company.

  Original body again please help each other to conceal, to pay respects to his mother, then far outside squatting in his son’s company for a few days, after finally seeing adult son, that heart, quivered, in fact two father and son even on the eye, but it nearly two decades, respectively, have been difficult for them to recognize each other, said the original body, if there is a cut out of a newspaper photograph, he did not recognize his son.
  Son in front of his mother has passed away, the original body that squatted across the company, cry, this life of his guilt, for that illusory “Offer” word, mad ques深圳桑拿网t, the last was actually nothing, you had better go out to recognize it?He can not do, how he wanted to tell his son, he left now, two decades or so a useless old stuff.
  Original body smoke a cigarette, and finally glanced at his son chose to leave, he returned to the site QUICKER, after two years, he met up older workers in the introduction, I want companionship of female workers, but also the other side with a child, he hesitated for a long time, chose promise, every time female workers to see his son, he just saw, like his son, seemed good for him, you can make up for their sins once. Furthermore, he lonely too long, it really is looking for a partner from the heart, at least be able to support the old one another, they simply do weddings, they eat regularly had played a day.
  This is neither good nor bad days are not long before, 深圳桑拿网not after sixty years, the original body because they cerebral hemorrhage, poured directly onto the construction site, his fate is very good, did not let him to Tang Chuangshang hemiplegia, so he directly feet Yi Deng, not the life, death, his first thing is to go and see his son, he became the soul, actua杭州桑拿洗浴lly quite happy, feel going around in circles, finally able to ta