his place, while staying grandson, while doing odd jobs to make money, it’s her people are housekeeper, but also very long-term vision, not just look at the front, also pondered the future, great grandson, they have to get married and have children, they also possessor of so buttoned neatly and grandson.

  The former head of the body to another, his footsteps, is indeed stepped over the river north and south, for the first year, four Looking back on the opportunity to “get rich”, the same work, but also want to shop around to find a good home, There’s nothing out social experience, he also cheated several times, with the money out, not long after it was empty, so he later continued with odd jobs to make money, make money for the local roads.
  If someone a杭州夜网论坛sked him, why do not you go home, he would silently looked down, saying he can not mix the two tricks, how can go back?If he can not become a promising man, he always felt back home, get more ridicule, carries this idea, even if think back, there is no chance.
  Although he save any money, you can save a little money 苏州龙凤网to live, but he sent back, have been returned, almost every night, he told himself in a dream, just hold on, be sure to find the opportunity to make a fortune, such as the breath, etc. after Offer.He must go back with the money, take a look at his son, his mother, but also those who say his sarcastic comments to experience.
  Ah, the dream is beautiful, the people in the world can dream more to go, not everyone can make the dream become a reality, at least the original body do not have this capability.
  He destitute most of her life, until the older, confirm their own little hope, no longer possible after he finally sneaked back home, that time he was already nearly five-year-old man, exchanging views on the rest of my life to him his face full of traces of a lot more than their peers on the old, the original returned to the body 北京夜网that address not always receive the letter, once again find that long ago dem