Rodriguez is not the sperm on the brain

(Reminder: The following is a brother to enter the norm is not serious, the viewer discretion) yesterday said a brother, Mr. Marco Antonio Rodríguez suddenly sperm on the brain, pulling angry red, Italian man named Qu hit day, Marchisio that may be how the next red card?Do not go to find out the views of professional referees – because they affirmed that sentence was right, not a referee would say the opposite of playing professional peers face (otherwise do fall down the brand authority, how they mix themselves?)。 Do not believe u see past a brother country, who are now squatting Tieling gold whistle, there are now often say that the Champions League on CCTV who Jinshao, they are on TV, no matter what to ask, it must be said that 99% of : good blown!He was sentenced to!Too correctly!In respect of such a blow!But brother dare you bet a meal spicy crawfish to Uruguay decades of Wal-Mart, Uruguay won the international competition red card, dumped a few blocks Italy。
If you think the Italians it is a red card, and that they are fundamentally forty-five heavy red card for Uruguayan。 So why Rodriguez suddenly see red, that is because of his mother's surname Moreno, something to let the Italians who in 2002 Moreno?Because the genetic。 Mexican referee naturally red-sensitive, because their league "booming", so the Mexicans blew the World Cup, some thieves do not go empty, which did not leave the red card means "brother a visit," the。
For example Geti had yesterday Max Ramirez, 1986 Danwu war, under penalty Uruguay a person who causes the bird turtle defeat across the board, lose a 1 to 6, in one breath impact of the Uruguay 20 years of fortune, birds turtles are under this crackdown, 20 years of international competition can not recapture ass。
But when the birds turtle turtle 20 years, after the World Cup four years ago to return to the top four, the bones of conduct as high a meeting when the Chairman Kao mouth in front of hundreds of men and women said – Petty like a dick, and always hard up。 So now the bird turtle hard, and started to move teeth mouth。 After Ramirez, turn Cod Saar – the first main referee blew the World Cup finals in Mexico, of course, also said the 1990 finals because he Laozhang Ren tubes Conference Committee, so he groan。 Sal 1990 Cape Cod in front two get a lot of praise, meaning the US war gave a penalty Vialli, Vialli results fly away, the British Gurkha war, were praised firmly control the game process, that he gave three penalties field。
Since Mexican referee red card is big, Cod Saar why would hold back?1990 final, even the two red Cod Saar, Argentina became the first team to make the final team to eat red card and a penalty for Bremer, the Argentines are still arguing that it is "framed", but has no meaning after, that is pure clinging to support Argentina, hoping to bet penalty, before Bremer, Augenthaler would have been a better opportunity, Monzon's red card was sticking why he did not move too much, losing has been set is pure De Suodi Sapo。
After Sal Cape Cod, brother introduced yesterday, turn to Carter, the great ArturoBrizioCarter, Mr. ABC, 6 7 games pull red, unprecedented。 1994 opener "Bolivian Platini" Yiqiebeili, up five minutes down, followed by Carter and shot in Brazil kill Song Cameroon – to when Rigobert Song, so do not blame Alex Song for Croatia Man Zhu Keech back "sword" see red, traditional Song anyway。
As for the 1/8 finals Italy bitterly Nigeria, Zola up 30 seconds down, but Carter show for Italians to see another dimension, since it is a red card Zola (Zola think such a person for a lifetime even a yellow card did not a few) Marchisio there is nothing to complain about?Carter does not cut under license nameless ghost, by the year 1998, Carter upper floor, first get rid He Laiwei France to Saudi Arabia, then the first World Cup promotions Zidane red, in contrast to England, Colombia, Ince against ABC large ABC scolded ancestors 18 generations scene, there is not even a red card gifts, it is surprising。
Carter peak of the war against the Netherlands, Argentina, that was in addition to a stunning Bergkamp ball, Newman and Ortega had to count two supporting roles, especially Ortega, his head came to his chin Edwin van der Sar。
Carter followed Philip Ramos, the game can only say what he blows – France Uruguay World War I, Henry bright soles, down!More wow Brazil World War II England, Ronaldinho just passed down through the ages show that spirits a lift, go!Italians do not complain too much love Mexico see red –2006 matter of life and death battle qualifying meaning of the Czech Republic, under Eqiongdiya half penalty Pollack, the Italian people set up。
With 后阿琼迪亚 and the main blow semifinals German and Italian war in 2010 breathed group match against Paraguay, Italy, Aqiongdiya kept blowing the first two World Cup record of eight games (five games plus a single session is blowing records), which is three games in Italy, absolutely destined。 Rodriguez finally got his turn, if in fact acts from his usual look, it is unwise Italy did not advance guard – have a great ABC bead front, Rodriguez why do you keep its special beauty?The veteran has been blown up 3rd, 2006 C?te d'Ivoire for Serbia and Montenegro, both two-game losing streak, the kind of routine, he could get one on each side of the red。
By 2010, Germany 4-0 Australia the kind of one-sided game, he can be a straight red for Cahill。 Followed by Spain team 2 to 1 victory in Chile, he won the shot Estrada in Chile。
Rodriguez before blowing Belgium to Algeria, get along, but this one is not red unhappy master, you can not leave marks?So blame blame Marchisio did not know much, do not know the horse princes three eye。