nd, that times had changed, and now the children, most of them to read more books, and grandson in school performance was okay, when parents, she asked the teacher, teachers and she explained, and now elementary school performance also do not see what, if you can, or try to go to junior high school a good point, to the middle and high school, will be gradually draw what watershed.

  She already entangled, Fang’s remarks, but asked her to waver.
  Say, at home and in recent years she saved a lot of money, after all苏州桑拿网, know very Zusun Liang save money, after all, the only reliable way to make money, that is, she went to the factory yard to do odd jobs, even after the very back, etc. grandson dinner, she can have time to play a whole work, and about a month will earn two thousand, compared to that school fees, not even close, it holds many lessons for the savings of a flower, when he stretched to the.
  ”Grandma, you forget it all right?”Pei Yifei sat cross-legged on the bed,” I went to school where all the same, will not spend the money.”
  ”.it is good.”Pei Grandma can only be good, she can not go test pressing grandson, silent for a moment, she suddenly spoke up,” you say, your dad go of it in the end he?”That one, she consciously slip of the tongue, looked up, and sure enough, the grandson immediately see red eyes.
  ”We’re not that good do?Do no苏州桑拿t mention him, he would never come back.”Pei Yifei hand tightly, just looking at the books spread on his knees, then quietly dropped a tear.
  ”Well, we do not mention him.”Pei Grandma head whispered, put away the dishes, her eyes full of sad, then tears drop by drop.
  Her son, go in the end of it?Will not come back..
  Pei Yifei has begun on top of homework, he unconsciously father wrote the word in the textbook, then quickly blackened, pick up the eraser out.
  His father did not, never have.
  But when the world has experienced ups and downs, Pei Naochun and then return to the darkness of space is very calm state of mind, what h