water and electricity What are counted together, the landlord is very decisive, come to a direct arithmetic average, the cost of water and electricity per month divided by the whole the number of building rental housing, is Tandao each of the charges, but some people more than others, a long time at home, and some also the couple, but also every day in the factory yard, who have this account, how are breaking pull clear, between each other, quite some quarrel, let alone other some did not, large and small things.

  Pei Grandma ready meals in advance, philosophy of life, are too out of the 广州桑拿网supermarket on the noodles on the shelves, a small bag also twelve, has been considered as expensive, you had better buy really cheap, that by the market, have a special shop, they sell all kinds of surfaces, what noodles, dough, rough, soak the bread, everything, generally, put on a bag, but also talk about the p苏州夜网rice, a few pieces of money to buy back eat Dayton better.
  Take the plane leaves, but also can “pick up”, as long as thick skinned enough, stand ready to go every day, always leave some goods with good, not fresh leaves, seafood it, too, to be guarding each pm daily, until the crowd in the past, it was already dark, when the market closed people have gone, it is timely immediate concern, shell fish staring at those half-dead, and more than the boss, the boss said a few words, they can succeeded in persuading the other side, and finally packed away, as to how dead?Anyway, the top one day pull the stomach, eat a lot, which is like the stomach out of practice the same, no problem.
  ”A fly, you eat more, today there are sausages!”Today Pei Grandma cook a bowl of sauced noodles, also a lot of material inside, have cut too tiny cubes, a广州桑拿 little canned meat, cut diagonally slice of sausage, cabbage cut into sections, plus her hands, the taste is very good.
  ”Looking Aunt Fang buy?”Pei Yifei long gone what picky habits, big chunks of his side face, edge casually asked.
  ”Ah, your