he coastal cities, as if there will be such a brook, I do not know running water or stagnant water, looking not deep, but that water was very muddy, even if it is time to look down at noon, meet again at the end, I saw a dark green from time to time there will be surrounding faint taste, I do not know come from, on the brook, relying on one to three wide bridge plane connectivity, to walk around, but the two sides, the two roads and the general like no other.

  ?City is a standard three-tier cities, better than some, better off than many, this is not poor, can not too rich, online posts have complained From time to time, and said this is the wages eighteen lines, prices of second-line , first-t杭州桑拿洗浴ier cities, emptied the family unless the deposit, or there is room in this home, after an average student graduates, nine out of ten can not afford housing.
  As cities grow, housing prices, such as a line, lif深圳桑拿网e and life to draw a rank or grade, the better the location, often means alarmingly high rate, C due to the economic level of the city center throughout the province, the flow population a lot, say dragon dragon Road, snake snake Road, even then the bustling city, but also a place that can make people settled, Wu ditch is such a place.
  ”Get out, let a prescription!”Three-wheeled vehicle painted blue, stacked on shelves behind the Founder, full of things, stepping on the head of the car, is a lean, middle-aged man wearing a vest, his hands clutching the handlebars, riding very uncertain, like those things, absolutely not burden the same, just bad brakes, calling people to make way thanks to the throat.
  Pei Yifei dragging bags in hand, to give way to the next to the wood with a straight face, wait until the car is gone and then continue to move forward.
  Pei Yifei wearing, is?Prima广州桑拿网ry school children of the city of blue and white school uniforms, school uniforms on the white part, has some yellow, cuffs, there are many traces of his stature and thin, wearing the uniforms f