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  In the fall of China towards 10 calendar, Xia Kyoto broken, Xia Shengdi death.
  In the spring of 11 calendar towards China, Huang Tai Pei Yuzhuo woman ascended the throne as emperor.
  Xia big break that year, Pei Naochun served its purpose, he did not love power, became the overlord, then he played a responsible work towards China Medical School and the Academy of Sciences, to his knowledge accumulated over generations, which help it Block sailing ship.
  And Pei Yuzhuo did not live up everyone’s trust, she sat very steady on the throne, beginning of the heart do not change, people-oriented, folk without a complaint.
  ”Since Huangtai female accession to the throne, revised warfarin.After drowning woman wind, disappeared, the court up and down, no concubines.China toward the decade since, the杭州夜网 female officer has become common practice, bear the same responsibility with the ordinary officials.Although some former adherents have no more than accustomed to, may also follow after, no woman will ring at home, says that the rise of the feet of the original style, immediately extinguished, when people with Bigfoot, forthright wind.Interesting here, very much the.”
  - “On Huachao Cheng Li after the development of women’s equal rights.”
  After accession to the throne, there are a lot of male courtiers proposed election Fei, Pei Yuzhuo did not agree, she went to the foundling adopted two orphans and a woman, and to two for their children, taking care of, less than a hundred years, he began in his father’s suggestion, elections.
  She was six years old that year, after his father away, they direct retirement, part-time coach wit杭州桑拿h the Chinese Academy of Martial toward the woman, when the annual summer and winter break, they alone, make a sightseeing tour, and author of several travel books, life worry no worry.
  [Twelfth qualified assessment of the world.]

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