tting with longing eyes, she did many of her never He thought he could do things.

  After she rescued Gu Chengxiang, and Gu liang seen once, the other looked at her for a long time, suddenly had a road with her somehow apologize, she said: “too female Your Highness, you and others are different.”
  ”Your Majesty, whether to go to war.”Pioneer officer into the camp, knelt down and immediately ask, the city has been exhausted, just waiting for the broken city.
  ”Warfare,.”Pei Naochun the same as every previous, ordered the war, his side head watching her daughter, this should be the last battle of the two m杭州桑拿en fight, a non-causal, are settled at the moment.
  Among the main hall, beard, disheveled Xia Shengdi sitting on the Throne, he looked around, the hall was empty, caught up in his second brother and the third brother was missing after his enthronement, on even Gucheng Xiang and his son was a large prison, too, it just disappeared, he became emperor decade, are still not as good as magistrate, can control where fewer and fewer, almost every day, every dream had, the army waited at the scene outside the city.
  Trance, he seemed to see their past lives, almost in the same day, slumped sitting on the hall, the last generation, the upward and downward, there are many for him to fight, but now it?City estimates can not wait to break the enemy now.
  ”I am the Son of Heaven, God mandate to me, and so Luanchenzeizi, I dare to offend!”Xia Shengdi laugh last laugh did not sound, he had 南宁桑拿thought, let him live life, to make him occupied that throne, I did not expect.
  ”Your Majesty, the city broke the.”Eunuch face ran in panic, he hurriedly kneel,” Let’s run!!”If he is arrested for the murder of the year on the南宁夜网 saint, is already gone, and Prince holds many lessons only with the total death.
  ”No, you go.”Xia Shengdi waving sleeves, tugged at the corners of the mouth, finishing his clothes, and boarded the Throne, then neck sword kiss suicide.
  It was emperor, Haier incompetent peo