unsatisfactory, re rise again in Kyoto in kill a lot of people, shook a lot of big Xia city officials take the initiative to the enemy helpless.

  This can be said to be a one-sided war, compared to how to defeat the Xia Dynasty, with her daughter Pei Naochun more research is how to manage the affairs of state, from the outset, Pei Naochun it directly to the local people who say to soldiers futu苏州桑拿re throne, will fall on her daughter’s head against a crowd no later collaborators of Confucian, naturally there are a lot of people can not accept, can be in the troubled times, generals fist is bigger than the civil service, they want stable life, can only be accepted and recognized by all, no choice, for a long time, they seem to have been brainwashed in general, in addition to those old fogy, most accept all.
  There are a lot of big Xia civilian, was lurking Kurtis Guards rescued, as it Gucheng Xiang, Gu eldest son, now China has become North Korea’s official help manage affairs.
  ”Father, this should be the last battle.”Pei Yuzhuo standing behind his father, she is not out cosmetics, makeup, there may be a surge of other people do not lose temperament, for ten years, and finally to this.
  ”Yes.”Pei Naochun face add a lot of textur南宁桑拿e, he smiled to the point of view of the walls, and even the Kyoto brand, has also tottering, just as it was made Prince devastated large Xia, black and blue,” later on up to you.”
  ”it is good.”Pei Yuzhuo to be a father, this decade, she began to learn to manage the affairs of state, at first she is very clumsy, often whimsical suggestions, and later with his father, again and again into the underground to the people, want to use the mind, with your eyes see, ears to hear, hard to do, supplemented by help of many hotshots, nice people towards China more good, to live and work.
  Her father often go together in the street of the city, as many years ago, in general, there are often children see them smile, shyly brought their own fruit, snacks, be