All right, you do not need to need gastric lavage ah?”

An Wei Zhen slightly stared at Chu Wenjin, does not seem to understand the sense of his words came, she drank it not Shiquandabutang?Why Chu Wenjin looking as if she’s been drinking arsenic one, and then there is also what the hell?Someone has gone to gastric lavage yet?

See Ann Wei Zhen did not come to understand, Chu Wenjin took a blow to the forehead, “the two Tianyi busy I forgot to tell you, white peony root boil herbs this time to indulge, but also like to put the old tonic on the inside, two three people have been drinking day to lie down, and was complemented almost bled to nosebleeds. ”

Then, Chu Wenjin paused, looked at Ann Wei Zhen looking strange suggestion: “Do you want to, go wash your stomach, or, put this strange thing spit?”

An Wei Zhen looking cold, reach out directly refused and said: “No, I’m fine..”

Just at this time, white peony root of carrying lunch boxes and hurried back, walked, said, “I forgot I was also prepared several meals here, and then you eat ah Wei Zhen?what?Wen Jin you are just eating together.”

Face invite passionate peony, Chuwen Jin smiled, as if he’s indifferent look twitching forehead veins are clouds in general, “No,