: That good girls do love merry?Could there be food stalls boss in his box?

  Donna really bored, coupled with a slower walk “through the jungle” than the old man, she amusement park full of disappointment.
  She decided to help themselves.
  She snapped.
  ”do not.”
  Yu Ze voice hardly ever, carousel accelerated, his voice disappeared in the wind.
  Donna: “ah ha ha ha ha.”
  Ten minutes later, Yu Ze staggered down the stairs carousel, followed behind a bunch of staff constantly bend over to apologize: “We’ll repair equipment failure, sorry for the inconvenience.”
  ”Never mind, we are very happy!”Donna brilliant smile, waved at them.
  I turned around and saw Yu Ze has gone to the railing in front of the lake.
  ”what happened to you?”As the culprit knew nothing about the bloody witch happily jumped in the past.
  Yu Ze have removed the mask, being calm nausea hearts with fresh air.
  He glanced at something at all Donna, I feel really fine books and different from ordinary people, gifted.
  He slowly for a while, re-wear a mask, said: “go, I know what you like to play.”
  Flying Swing –
  Yu Ze: No surface