At the moment is 16:00, the warm sun in the sun, climbing on the shelf evergreen plant flickered be covered with natural, light green to dark green pieces of plants were drawn down, the ground was still something I do not know what is arrayed plants and flowers, trimmed with bits and pieces of white or red or green leaves between small flowers, there is quite a charm.

  XIA drive away winter and holding a couple of swinging, bad acting to stamp his pain: “At night a man to be good to sleep ah!”
  Tail up little naughty tone may go again.
  Fortunately, not to mention, a very depressed winter mentioned process.Spring home reunion is very happy, except for one thing it is expected to sleep alone at night.It is easy life before that part two of the world had too beautiful spot.
  Wen Yu Hong arms holding soft treatment of sleep is gone, drive home the first day of winter, not at home, slept in a wholeness of it, it has produced severe withdrawal reactions, and even tried to flicker winter long XIA away to accompany him back together as soon as possible.
  He looked away and find a small bag he cried Jianwo buried his head in laughter before stealing a kiss.
  XIA away from the neck at hand has been in the process of the warm winter cover, soft lips at the moment is blocked, exchanged a breath disorder and lingering kiss on the cheek with even breathing, are hot