After all, she finally do what I like to do things.

  And he can also take this opportunity to make good and Su Qing chat about her problems may have encountered.
  In this regard Ye Xue Fu also has a lot of experience and can share her.
  Of course, in addition to these people, but also to Miss Zhao Tai Chen diving and invited her bug.
  Not a few days, the day the sea university school, Miss Zhao Tai after school certainly can not be relaxed and happy as they are now, at least she promised from the owl, once school students will definitely look.
  But to be honest, Chen diving in her students really do not see the way.
  She than the general age girls mature much, just on general university girls are also no contact with society only know how to learn little girl, but she is entirely different.
  Everyone happy with the time, but in a low voice from the owl asked Chen about the diving thing about the Chakun.
  In fact, Chen diving I always had this thought, he had the afternoon there is time to go back and look Chakun, but he did not go.
  He knows the situation Chakun today’s attack will be more severe than yesterday, he did not want to see Chakun lock yourself in a way, maybe he will be soft-hearted help Chakun open chain.
  But the next day after the onset of drug addiction in the day often hold back frequently sustained, Chen diving do not, then, might be able to bang Chakun