Meaning the image point ah.”

  ”You said that before.”Yao Ji ceremony hurriedly thrown foot doll piggy Paige head, sat on the bed,” Hello everyone.”
  Forest Health hurriedly mobile phone camera in front of everyone’s face in a circle, and three others have Yao Ji greeting ceremony.Yao Ji ceremony pondered a moment, please seriously:
  ”I hope that in the next few days, we can more than take care of life and life, he really is too sloppy, go out to play when please him tight, do not let him stick drop of wine, wine crazy to launch a ten of cattle dragged live.”
  Nodded to the ignorant.
  Lin-sheng heart sweetness, whispered to them: “The nagging is not it, changed his name to discipline a good mother.”
  Suzi Han echoed: “is really sloppy sloppy, you always know what discipline?To this day, life has put you prepared to give him money to poke out, just be forfeited to the cleaners.”
  Lin-sheng stop less, angrily twist Suzi Han’s arm, ah ah ah ah he also prepared without the knowledge of the discipline Yao Eli Lilly!
  ”Sang Sang.”Yao Ji ceremony suddenly call him.
  Lin-sheng heard the camera to himself, “Ang?”
  ”You” Yao Ji ceremony the phone holder in his lap, his right hand stroking the ring on his left ring finger, “In fact, I also expect in such a forest health, forest health is pure.