Senior Member, I urge Your Excellency to seriously tendency to the strong appeal of Hong Kong’s industrial sector, to come up with truly effective action to support the development of Hong Kong’s industry, rather than irresponsible words prevarication.Positive non-intervention policy connotation, not a laissez-faire attitude, and to fend for themselves!”

  Li Xuan Turn off the TV face cheerful smile, really dare to open the Zhong Siyuan Sir, in fact, he and the Executive Council, the Legislative Council, like other Chinese members of the two Councils are the British to Chinese to subdue Chinese checkers, so no energy unsparing directly refuted the British so-called positive non-intervention policy, it can be considered a courage, courage.

205 Chapter summary

  ”I get up, Ke assistant’s phone!”Li Chi shook still in bed sleeping man.
  Li Xuan was shake Li Zhi, drowsily opened his eyes, greeted by two huge lump of meat ball Feng Ting, beauty and a half, bending the body, loose pink pajamas chest falls, the inside of the landscape that accentuates.In her body gently shaking, the two huge white rabbit also followed a shake, and so the temptation to let his sleep about nothing.
  He said the man is a cow, a woman is, there is no plowing bad, the only exhausted cattle.They fight to the middle of the night last night, and now just this fairy skin rosy, looks like a sparkle and moving, with no signs of fatigue.Li Xuan wake up and sleep, also still some Yaosuanbeiteng, hook people look at beauty charming demeanor, but it is powerless.
  ”You just say who called early this morning the?”Li Xuan hand gently grasp a soft hemisphere had passed, addiction.
  ”I have friends around noon, where it’s still early!Stop it, you find Ke assistant