Afternoon to call you.”

  White Fang swallowed, Tanchunaodai low voice said, “Jojo, ah can not have it both ways!”
  Qiao Yu “???”
  Sheng Joe “Please rounded to you immediately get out of my sight.”
  White Fang “trained,.”
  White peers drove off, Qiao Yu was asked, “What do you mean it both ways?You’re in love?”
  Or say it is a lawyer, will really grab primary and secondary.Is pressed own brother, Joe Sheng heart a little bit nervous, pretend to say, “ah, Zala.”
  Qiao Yu asked, “Who?”
  Sheng Joe stammered, “I tell you, Do not you tell Dad.Aunts and uncles ah.”
  Qiao Yu smile “good.”
  Sheng Joe hesitated a long time before whispered, “Horch.”
  Qiao Yu “???”He stared at her for a moment, the ultimate look wonderful,” his wife powder becomes wife?stimulate.”
  Joe wanted to kick his leg Sheng, Qiao Yu dodged a stride, smiling, said, “Congratulations, you got his wish come true.”
  They entered the house, the mother has been waiting for Joe at the entrance, see Sheng Qiao Gaoxing was not, took her hand go inside, Father Joe stood up from the couch, “Missy coming.”
  Qiao Yu, “Dad, Mom, Missy fall in love.”
  Sheng Joe “????”
  Qiao Yu You son of a bitch!!!
  Father Joe Joe mother were scared to, Sheng Joe really angry, shame, wait a