Health let you study hard, you like to learn, not in fits and starts network, your sister some effort in vain.”Ah Feng Jiang really big relied than one year old, likes to put on a posture to teach his elders.

Jiang Hui really felt awkward listening to these words: “Do you like how a child with lessons?”
Ah Feng glared at him: “You do the authors also larger child?”
“I, I, I, where the child?I’ll have a full-five!Although you year older than me, but we in fact peers!”Jiang is true this time not to the slightest, righteous.
“The nerve to say you are going to be fifteen, and soon fifteen people not to do things a little confusing, and careless, if I were your sister, I would much you smoke a few tons a long lesson, I would be older you one year old, then you tube wear, whatever the outcome, you have to call me sister, I did not care to call on the good with you, you can do so on the outside do not know etiquette.”
Ah eyes looking at Phoenix is beginning to put a shelf elders, Jiang Shinichi anxious, blurted out: “I’m not your sister this!”
Ah Feng eyes stare, like that posture