Mo Yu heart fell down.

  In the inertia of the car, the two men fell to the ground, and simultaneously the history of the idea that things.
  Mo Yu heart lips printed on a white leaf mouth!
  But then all of a firm physique, to see the scene in front of all silence.
  Mo Yu mind a blank mind, the people are stupid out.
  After a few seconds, a very untimely shutter sound broke the quiet crowd, everyone is somewhat surprised that someone actually dared to beat Mo overall picture, I do not want to mix it?
  However, down the sound and look at the past, everyone instantly at ease.
  Mo Kam holding a cell phone, a look of proud expression, on the floor of the men and women scolded.
  ”I know you have adultery, and now I caught it!”

Chapter 183 life-saving measures

  When the heart Yu Mo lips and leaves white contacts, the people are stupid out.
  A blank mind, body like an electric shock.
  This is her first time and man kissing ah.
  Although this is not a kiss on the true sense, but.
  Mo Yu heart is extremely heart panic, I heard Mo Kam, then almost did not spit blood, and quickly stand up a whirlwind.
  Holding force