Eight diet method of yoga for you health

The diet has what yoga is now female friends are very enthusiastic about the sport, not only for the female body has a lot of benefits and effectiveness, but also has a role in shaping the body, so a lot of people being sought after。
But I believe we all know that yoga also need to pay attention when eating。
Diet following small series to tell us something about yoga, the eight methods give you health!1 eight methods of yoga, avoid meat and fish, mainly vegetarian yoga advocates vegetarianism, saying that "people's teeth and digestive tract is designed to deal with vegetarian"。
Yue foods in addition to all vegetarian。
Vegetarian digest than animal digest food requires less time, less energy is consumed。
2, selectively high quality protein intake since it is the pursuit of "vegetarian", yoga enthusiasts how to get the body metabolism necessary for it beans and milk, yoga enthusiasts can meet the demand for protein。
, A good source of milk, cheese, etc. are proteins。
If your weight is 55 kilograms, so a daily intake of 55 grams of protein should be able to ensure that the body needs protein。 In the case of reduced intake of meat, beans are the best sources of protein intake。 3, to keep a light diet, maintain a good mood sauce tastes too heavy, such as eating too much salt, MSG, soy sauce is not conducive to health, is not conducive to maintaining a good mood。 This is what we often call a "modified food," mainly refers to the spicy seasoning food, such as overly spicy, bitter, sour, salty, dry food。
Eat denatured foods, and will give people trouble, people become restless, and even hatred, frustration and other negative emotions, loss of calm peace of mind。
4, a reasonable intake of carbohydrates has plenty of physical fitness for many women lose fat annoying to come to a yoga exercise that yoga should eat less or eat staple food。 This view is very wrong。 Grains, beans, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, milk, and so called "Yue foods", people's physical and mental maintain peace, pure state, and can provide nutrients and energy needed for the body。 5, eat more vegetables and fruits, metabolic toxins discharged。