Wei Zhen complex eyes, looking to maintain or indifferent watching this bowl of chicken soup material hard to describe, silently thinking this is not a make soup, this soup so it was fate hanging bar

An Wei Zhen at TGP expectant eyes, reach for the bowl, fill it up at the thought, at best, to drink it directly after the turn to save up enough spiritual power.

Cushions pound of soup in the hands of a clean, safe Wei Zhen is almost breathtaking to block out the soup in strange Smell.

TGP devout applauded the side, watching Safety Only Zhen said: “Rest assured, I have a bowl of Tonga hold, you must win today beautifully!”

An Wei Zhen silence watching white peony root, his head slowly and heavy ordered a record head.

This peony contented pick up the empty bowl, facing Ann Zhen Wei said several times after refueling, carrying an empty lunch boxes went out again.

The peony front foot just out the back foot Chuwen Jin came in, he looked ruddy security Wei Zhen, hesitation: “The peony is not it also make you soup up?”

An Zhen Wei of Chu Wenjin complex look puzzling, then looked up to see him, simply nodded his head.

Body of Chapter 265 of absolute power

And Chu Wenjin immediately looking pale, he looked at Ann Wei Zhen said: “You