Big white goose in order to work out his own phone at.

  ”Do not shoot.”He immediately turned round.
  ”why?!I gave you a shot!”Donna cried.
  ”Go make another.”He good at blocking face.
  He wanted a few meter eighty man, sitting on a blue horse pictures macarons, nausea nausea own or someone else?
  Donna put down the phone, crying with Yu Qi said: “The last day, you are not willing to let people take a picture, you have the nerve to say that Nana is the heart of your liver.”
  Yu Chak “.”He said to you?
  She said sadly: “Oh, man.”
  ”You think how to shoot?”Yu Ze haired black line.
  Donna spirit flew up and said: “Take masks!”
  Even the pictures, but also take the mask.
  Yu Ze no choice but to take down.
  She also unhappy, said: “Yeah you smile!”
  Yu Ze: laugh.
  She aggressive and said: “bloody witch command you laugh!”
  Yu Ze Nu force to bring the mouth, the boy released the latest smirk.
  After finally meet her camera **, her freshness faded, bored in the right leg shaking: “It can not turn it a little bit faster?”
  ”bored.”She nodded..
  Yu Ze