Several people, she found a window seat to sit down, process and other meals, the mind is not far from attracting a couple.

  Gray-haired grandmother said a low voice: “That child is too poor, I think they could not be husband and wife, the man we met at the hotel Bona, he evidently does not like a good person, she did not see him hurt you?”
  Her husband handed her a glass of milk, comfort: “We have to report to the police officer Mark, I believe he will handle.”
  Two people are said in English, when Xin long micro heard Bona hotel, slightly surprised.
  This is what they first came to live in the hotel that night Aidi La.
  The couple are still discussing just saw the scene, wearing caps until a police officer came to ask them something, the couple will carefully go through that again, and even grandmother carefully describes the appearance of the parties over.
  Xin long micro heard the more wrong.
  The suspicious man mentioned in their mouths, is not a woman the night before leaning into the room, but also kept looking at her man?
  To avoid panic, leaving former police officer did not reveal too much information about the man, if micro-Xin long