Did not win, it means that this time they all efforts were in vain paid.

  For this position, among several of my colleagues, “progress” of the sudden, some contradictions, perhaps this is the difference between a colleague and a friend, not because of interest and make a contradiction between friends, but between colleagues not the same.
  There is competition among colleagues, natural feelings are not the same.
  The most frightening thing is that, because they do not have common interests after the competition, the kind of “hate” will naturally fall on Su Qing’s body.
  Everyone knows that without this small policewoman, they would not have a sieve of one.
  So it’s all doomed Su Qing took the Captains is difficult, she may even encounter the crowd overhead.
  All this is very possible thing.
  But for the workplace, yet not so much the experience of Su Qing simply thought about that, but Chen diving experience, but ah, he is too aware of their time to the beginning of the day Asia Security Department, Zhao is the mentality of those who look like the.
  Leading employers will want to know the art of.
  Since ancient times, emperors emperors of the surgery, officials have official of the surgery, now leaders also have their own leadership of the surgery, the only way it will not be difficult to make your own mix of look.
  Ben Shan Chen diving at night in Xian ready to take to celebrate Su Qing,