Camera graceful smile, “What did you eat for dinner today it?”Supervise the daily three meals a day.

  Yao Ji ceremony lips delicately, “eat beef meal of eggplant, plus a Japanese-style Egg.”
  ”Ah, quite nutritious.”Lin-sheng asked:” What are you doing?”
  Yao Ji ceremony brow micro pick, followed by shaking up the body, “I, ah, hey it at the bar, do you hear music?”
  Yao Ji ceremony explained: “hear normal, I went to the bathroom to pick up the phone.”
  Lin was born to him laugh, “I see you behind the doll, and obviously at home in bed!”
  Yao Ji ceremony hand to Paige pig doll groan arms, “only it tonight with me to sleep, good lonely.”Then he put his shot from the side to the doll’s forehead Cengceng.
  Suzi Han deadpan swallowed garlic scallops, “I’m not sour, sour my mouth to eat garlic to cover.”
  Gee twice the ignorant.
  Forest Health eyes inadvertently had some cold and Zhou Yi Lan eyes on the TV, the latter, in touch Forest Health sight when suddenly opened Yan laughed, “I really envy you ah.”
  Lin-sheng did not answer, the video of the ceremony Yao Ji asked: “Who speaks?”
  Lin-sheng small channel: “We shoot it, you note