Soon, “July really is a good boy.”Bow another sip of juice.Lu seventy-one also gave Chen Jiayong poured a glass, drank a cup of juice, I suppose I foot-washing water, the world’s first two scores, of us two will clear it.Now the real enemy came, she also worthwhile again and Chen Jiayong this is more than love in this world and before his uncle rivalry.

  All in all, her previous life to live so successful, Pa super genius school girl, upstart business woman, relatives nor her how to love more than a few minutes, can be in this life, her play the fool flying the self, loved ones, but all day long chasing her care, and sometimes it seems vain to see her, she will be the same as how the.This really is the cry of the child candy?But think also the same self-flying brother, seems not.
  Does she really so lovable nature?Ha ha.Frankly I want to hate others, play a retaliation, have become entangled.
  However, rebirth Well, that is the first freshman ever to overthrow the past ah ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 24 reasons
  Barely comforted his land seventy-one, watching the dull chimes of drink that cup of juice, very, very happy heart.
  Chen Jiayong not restless wind chimes, holding his hands extremely tough this cup juice, kid estimate this as her own feet of water right?Really become the law of torture ah.Pharynx drug-like drink three, Chen Jiayong quickly put down the cups, expressed sky is not late, and he is going back to school bells.
  Lu said before, see Shannon