Balance between, in order to improve overall system performance.The addition of cache memory cache between them can effectively solve this problem.In fact, as early as 1964, IBM introduced a mainframe computer system / 360 systems had already seen a cache concept.”

  This is a small academic salon held in the living room in the home of Professor Zhao Weiming, a weekly Saturday afternoon there will be a group of students and teachers love electronic technology, Professor Zhao gathered in the living room sofa speak freely.Professor Zhao also pleased by such a small party, open up horizons of students, professional training everyone’s interest.
  Today’s topic is the development direction of the microprocessor, Li Xuan is the first to be invited, from the beginning to now he has been a good listener when.A dozen people in the room, only he is not a person reading electronics specialty was born, and the choice of Computing Studies.
  Large electronics majors learn the hardware, and electronic computing research is later computer science, science is the main programming language data structure of these software knowledge, although both linked, but in fact are two completely different directions.
  Li Xuan learn this software was born, but always to the hardware crowd join in the fun.Zhao Weiming of his maverick students also somewhat curious, named by this opportunity to point him to speak, to quiz him in this interesting student body in the Han Cao Ying heart, stomach in the end how much ink.
  Li Xuan some good discretion in their hearts, only talked about his views.His views can not be too thin too, to school only a month, this electronic door profound lessons for him