Because the murderer’s next target is you?”

  Wang Dayan was just being tired Dehen, would like to stab her sentence, but not wanted his voice hardly ever, Yang Lan’s face look on the white.
  His heart suddenly give birth to a rather absurd guess, do not.”You know each other Why kill you?”
  Yang Lan heard here, his lips began to tremble, quickly turn on the face: “I did not.No.”
  Her words are more than just admitting their guilt, simply shining clear she knew the inside story.
  In case of Zhou Yu finally sneered, opened his eyes to look at her: “You know the inside story, I was still innocent murderer?It is not kind it.”
  Her voice was clear cold, with the comforting before the time is completely different, but no one has accused her mind inconsistent, because the presence of people would like to have told her about the same.
  Even if it is a friend, but if because she caught the shadow of death, she also conceal the truth, I am afraid that few people are able to feel good to go.
  ”and so.You are one reason?Lao Gao, Philippines wonderful and you.All because of the same reason, the same people offended?”Yang Weijun not very angry, he was just a little confused.
  What is the reason, let a murderer pains?These people really know their own