Dog into a fine, but also look at the traffic light, crosswalk!”

  Author has to say: Miss Crane Year: later allowed to wear such clothes!
  Cloud Content: You obviously like the heart!

Chapter 14 rescue dog
  Gou Daqing came, the cloud volume was sitting on the couch watching TV, the TV is playing a modern fantasy drama, which is famous Shan Hai Jing gluttonous beasts, the modern incarnation of listed companies into big boss, and with an ordinary human girl Love story.
  Yun Yung see straight rolling his eyes, thinking the imagination of the human family is really growing, and even the ancient evil beasts have arranged for some romance love, gluttonous of TV type is a handsome handsome man, but if they’ve ever seen gluttonous Mami, do not know that the heroine can not go on too pro?
  Gou came to Daqing cloud capacity to live in the presidential suite at the gate when I heard the sound coming out of the house.
  ”I’m sorry, I can not be with you, Simon can not fall in love, we have to suffer the punishment of Heaven”
  Charm and a deep voice sounded, “Heaven and how, I have never been afraid gluttonous Heaven, I want to be with you, life after life together.”
  He could not help feeling the whole body of goose bumps stood erect, big brother tastes are so unique it?
  Feelings of worry for his wife