Chinese to accept the Spanish media tried to get rid of stereotypes

  The following is the interview Q & A: In the 1990s, throughout Spain has about 4,000 Chinese last year, just in the islands, the number of Chinese people reached 6000, for such growth how to explain it?  Chinese immigrants is derived from the people looking for more opportunities and a better life, over time, has a firm foothold in the Chinese also easier to help family and friends came to Spain。
But immigration should not have a more substantial growth, China now is also very good in people's lives, not too many people immigration。
  Chinese society is often seen as a closed group, outsiders difficult to integrate into, the Chinese also less integrated into Spanish society?  Language is a major barrier。
If you can not communicate well with others, and this is a big problem。 But this does not mean that Chinese hospitality。 Most of the Chinese liked to invite friends to the house。
I also own a week with my Spanish friends and Chinese friends playing basketball。
  Initially, the Chinese immigrants in Spain to open a restaurant, and then, gradually began to derive hundred stores。 In recent years, the Chinese gradually penetrate into other industries, such as real estate, travel agencies, etc.。 Chinese businessmen what their next step is it?  People are always looking for opportunities。
If we see the market demand, we will try to meet market demand。 The real estate industry is the case, we see that there are many people working hard for years to save money, you want to buy a house。 For the Chinese, the property owners prefer to do, which is to bring calm to Chinese people better than renting。
  Last summer, the number of self-employed Chinese region statistics for 1200, accounting for a quarter of the total number of self-employed Islands, why have this entrepreneurial culture?  Chinese like to have your own business, working for yourself。 In this way there will be more freedom, like the freedom the children to go to school, free to arrange time to deal with personal affairs, if not your own boss, then leave it may become a problem, leaving personal troubles。   Why the new generation of Chinese are no longer willing to engage in traditional industries hundred stores?  Long working hours, but also a new generation of three different view, and may have more ability to choose their own life。
Now (the new generation of Chinese) opened the intermediary services office, studio, pharmacy, law firms, etc.。
  This refusal continuation of traditional Chinese industry actions will put up the contradiction between the new generation of Chinese and their parents do?  Many Chinese parents now open, also allows children to engage in favorite industry, foreign exchanges and even boyfriend and girlfriend。