No, just to be mad.

  Ready to make black powder smell dissatisfaction with each studio, took the opportunity to take hold, bluntly Sheng Qiao time the move is too big a show suspect, is to sell badly, incite users star Yao attack, heart may be implicated.
  Joe powder is too small for her to speak of black powder passers-by do not want to tear force, gradually hide the.Gradually occupied the square black powder, was eating supper Wang Zi and to enter into urgent battle.
  The end of the awards ceremony, Sheng Joe is not high Mei Ling sent people looking for her, and that they left the.
  She never even wanted the media interview area, before the termination to take effect, saying that no amount of words is useless.
  Fuzi Qing took cutting-edge award, but also the end of an interview, contact in advance to help her out of the car, the security Sheng Joe back home.
  At home were not idle, on behalf of sister station shot chart has sent me, more than a hundred.
  Sheng Joe got the balance due, open the PS, give yourself Retouching.
  Before she had kept a small micro-Bo, this time officially changed its name to Qiao Sheng [Star] station, the station will be open after finishing up the red carpet image transmission, engage in a raffle open station, pumping five hundred ten people playing cash.
  Who does not like money then ask?It was quickly forwarded thousands, not only to promote their own beauties, but also promote the sub-station.
  Buckwheat did not manage more than a minute to knock her highest charting group QQ: [President, this is my friend find tonight on behalf of the shoot Jojo Mito, you made good night