Years old, he faces tough, above the mouth with a small brown mole.

  Yang Yiming glanced Su Yuan, Wait to see her face, suddenly some absences.
  Snapped –
  Xiaoming Lang took his forehead, “back to God back to God.”
  Yang Yiming stared Xiaoming Lang one, then unconsciously straightened, with Su Yuan greeted: “Hello.”
  Su Yuan: “Hello.”
  ”let’s go.”Fu said something raw cold with your partner, when touched Su Yuan eyes exposed arm, paused,” I go in the.”
  Fu raw cold until they are gone, as is the whole air with three girls exposed face changing like to laugh, have now Su Yuan asking: “Who is that man just now, looks handsome ah.”
  ”A brand-name suits, looks like a lot of money.”
  ”Ye Hao nice voice, good and magnetism, I think I have the ear pregnant.”
  Three of them with completely forgot Su Yuan unilateral right plate this thing, do not care about Su Yuan, smiling back: “They have a fiancee.”
  ”Ah ah ah, the guy really early on was booked.”
  In the three busy sighed with regret, Su Yuan rubbed his arm, would like to begin on a trip to the bathroom to warm baby paste, and at this moment to the lobby manager